Rules & Regulations: Nothing below the waist for all kids/teens and Intermediate and Beginner Adults and Masters.

Gi, Kimono & Wrestling Shoes are optional.



1) Legal Techniques:

Any kind of choke (except for using the hand to close the wind pipe).
No use of T-Shirt and no holding the shorts allowed
Any armbar, shoulder lock, or wrist lock
Any Leg Lock or Ankle Lock (Intermediate levels and up)


2) Illegal Techniques:

"Full Nelson" and "Crucifix"
No striking of any kind
No eye gouging or fish hooking
No grabbing the ears
No hair pulling
No finger or toe holds
No thumbing
No scratching and pinching
No kicking
No biting
No touching groin area
No hands, knees or elbows on face
No slippery substances allowed on body or clothing


3) Securing Points:

Mount position = 2 points
Back mount with hooks = 3 points
Passing the guard = 3 points
Knee on stomach = 2 points
Clean Sweep = 4 points
Sweep = 2 Points
Clean Take down (Ends passed the guard)= 4 points
Take down (Ends Guard or Half Guard)= 2 points

Each position must be established for 3 seconds or more in order for points to be awarded.
When changing multiple positions points will be awarded only for the position that has been established for 3 seconds or more.



When a fighter voluntarily jumps in the guard or goes from standing position to a non-standing position by any means and remains down for 3 seconds or more, he will be punished by a minus point.
When a fighter disengages from contact and starts backing up and avoids to engage again he will be punished by minus point.
A passive fighter will be warned twice and then will be punished by minus point. The referee will warn the passive player by the words "WARNING PASSIVITY".
How you can win:

If one competitor gives up or submits by tapping the leg, arm or verbally.
If Referee feels one competitor is unable to defend himself or feels his life is in danger, the Referee will declare the winner.
If a fighter breaks the rules twice he will be disqualified by the Referee.


Winning by:

Referee Decision